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  • Jenna: Mom of 2

Why You Should Embrace Video Games for Kids

Let's be honest, during this year-long and counting pandemic, there have been a lot of changes in families. Families are spending more time together than they ever have which has its pros and cons! On one hand, families are becoming closer, developing new hobbies to do with one another, eating every meal together and working and learning together in one space. On the other hand, while families have strengthened, many children's friendships have started falling apart. Kids no longer get to spend time together, face to face and when they do, they can't get too close or take their masks off! They have missed out on so much and it has been hard. As parents, we worry that our children are spending too much time online during this pandemic, something that parents have been concerned about since their children were born, but now is the time to embrace video games for kids and here's why: