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  • Jenna: Mom of 2

Where to Find The Best Deals in Tech

My inbox blows up daily with retailers trying to get me to spend my hard-earned cash with them. It feels as if I’m constantly flooded with discount codes, free-with-purchases offers and so much more. It can be completely overwhelming.

At the same time, I’m a mom with three kiddos and a husband who goes gaga for the latest and greatest tech gadgets, so I’m regularly on the lookout for the latest gadgets at the lowest prices. I toggle back and forth between websites, making sure I’ve exhausted every discount code I can find on RetailMeNot (a great site and app to search for current discount codes for 100s of retailers) and that I’ve activated my cash back on Rakuten (my favorite cash back app/site that gives you cash back on your purchases from loads of retailers!). Those discounts, no matter how small, can add up quickly if you are regularly making big purchases!