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  • Cynthia Ruan

VSCO Girl, E-Girl, and Soft Girl

After Tik Tok blew up, the terms VSCO girl, E-girl, and soft girl started to pop up all over Tik Tok. These terms were used the describe the girls on Instagram and Tik Tok, and they have become part of the common lanugage of teens.

VSCO girl was the first phrase to rise. A VSCO girl came originated from the popular photo editing app, VSCO. Because teens would often use VSCO to edit their photos, usually photos of their summer vacation out in the beachy, VSCO girl then became the term to be used to describe the beachy or summery lifestyle. A VSCO girl represents a girl wearing scrunchies and using Hydroflask water bottles. They also make friendship bracelets and use reusable straws, as VSCO girls are environmentally cautious.  While the term VSCO girl doesn’t seem that bad to be called, the phrase is often used to mock others who are too “basic.” Some girls like to use the terms “and I oop-“and “sksksksk” to tease that VSCO girls say such phrases. 

            After the term grew in popularity, another phrase began to rise alongside the “VSCO girl.” On Tik Tok, users created another term to stereotype the typical online emo girl, “E-girl.” An e-girl is the complete opposite of the VSCO girl. An e-girl wears heavy makeup with excessive amounts of blush on her nose and cheeks. She is also known for drawing two hearts, each on top a cheek. Her hair is also always dyed in an extreme color, such as blue or pink. Her time is mostly spent online gaming, watching anime, watching K-pop, or watching Tik Tok. Her look is similar to that of goths or manga characters. Many Tik Tok users film transformations of themselves turning into e-girls. 

            Teens also use another term to describe the girl middle girl, a “soft girl.” A soft girl wears pastel colors and wears a ton of accessories, including cute necklaces or hair clips. She loves painting hearts and clouds in her cheeks and wearing peachy makeup. 

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