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Twitch Takeover

Founded in 2011, Twitch has become a massive platform for video gamers who wish to livestream their gameplay. While Twitch also has non-gaming videos, video gaming is by far their largest category of streaming. Teens can spend hours watching popular streamers play games like Fornite and League of Legends for a variety of reasons:

It allows them to gauge their interest in any specific game before actually purchasing it, which can (sometimes) save the parents big bucks. Teens also enjoy watching gameplay to learn tips and tricks for their favorite video games.

Through Twitch, steamers are able to build strong bonds with their audience, and often stream on a specific schedule. Twitch is available on many platforms including laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and smartphones.

Twitch streams display a view of both the person playing and the game. The viewers are also able to hear the streamer’s live commentary while playing the game. In addition, the viewers are able to interact with each other and the streamer through a chatroom.

While Twitch does have both automatic and real moderators, profanity does sometimes slip in chatrooms and can be used by streamers. Since the videos are live streamed, most of the content is uncensored.

Kidas analyzes all communications on your children's gaming console and alerts parents, about potentially dangerous activities in video games 

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