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Tik Tok Food Hacks

As teens look for new things to try while in quarantine, food "hacks", creative tricks and shortcuts to make eating easier or more fun, have recently gained popularity on Tik Tok. The trend went viral after the success of the Dalgona coffee, which is a whipped creamy coffee. Here are a few food hacks that have been messing up the kitchen these days.

Pancake Cereal

Pancake Cereal videos have been filling Tik Tok as the new food hack. The trend involves

using pancake batter to create mini pancakes using a piping bag or a condiments container.

Maple syrup and butter is then poured over the top of the pancake cereal. Some users also

pour milk into the pancake cereals rather than maple syrup. Enjoy this little video of my attempt at making pancake cereal; I think I did pretty well!

Egg Sandwich

The egg sandwich has also been an easy and popular food hack to try. The hack involves

whisked eggs on top of bread. The bread is then flipped, and cheese is placed onto the bread.

The overlapping edges of the eggs are then folded into the bread as an egg sandwich.

Oreo Cake

A two-ingredient chocolate mug cake has also flooded the Tik Tok "foryou" pages. The cake consists of only Oreo and milk. The Oreos are placed into a mug of milk and mashed. The mug is then microwaved for a few minutes to form a cake. While the cake's appearance is not exactly impressive, its flavor is said to be very chocolatey and soft.

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