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The Ultimate Gamer’s Gift Guide: What Your Gamer Really Wants for the Holidays

Sending me to Best Buy to look at gaming gear for my husband or kids would be similar to sending my husband to the mall to buy shoes for our children. Without specific instructions, disaster would most certainly ensue.

So, when I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas and got the generic response of “stuff for the Switch” or “a new game for the Xbox,” I shook my head. I told them they better be incredibly clear with Santa or they may end up disappointed. A day later, a very precise lists of wants showed up on my pillow. Progress.

After consulting their list and the lists of several friends’ kids who are very, very into online gaming (as well as a few blogs and online gaming forums), I was able to put together a pretty thorough list of gaming must-haves this holiday season sure to delight gamers of all ages and abilities.