The Supreme Oreo

Famous street wear brand, Supreme, has been all the rage among teenage boys. Supreme is a clothing brand based off skateboarding and hip-hop cultures. Although their products are not very expensive, the value of these items greatly increase.

Supreme recently collaborated with Oreo to make a limited-edition Oreo cookie. The Supreme Oreos have a distinctive red cookie color similar to the red Supreme logo. The cookie also has the Supreme logo on the cookie compared to the classical Oreo logo. Because of Supreme’s exclusivity of their products, these cookies have resold at thousands and tens of thousands of dollars after selling out in seconds. Besides its unique packaging and physical appearance of the cookie, the actual taste of the Oreo is nothing unique. Many people say that the taste of these cookies is similar to that of the golden Oreos.

“Hypebeasts”, fashion trend followers, have been showing off their Supreme Oreos all over Tik Tok and Instagram. Many people have filmed on Tik Tok the unpackaging and tasting of these cookies. While many people are joining in on the trend, others mock the trend as absurd. Some Tik Tok users have posted videos mocking the extreme demand for the Supreme Oreos. Some Tik Tok users have filmed videos of them dipping golden Oreos into red food dye to show how stupid the trend is.

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