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New Year's Tech Resolutions

Let’s face it: 2020 was a year for the books in so many ways. It had us glued to our devices for everything: to work, to help kids with school, to check pandemic updates, to check election updates. Most of us, at some point, hit screen-time overload.

2020 was the year we spent too much time online.

From virtual schooling to working from home, and online gaming with friends to endless messaging on various apps, my family of five spent more time online in 2020 than I would care to recount for you.

And before you think I’m strictly complaining, know that I’m not entirely annoyed by the copious amount of hours we were all plugged in in 2020. After all, the Internet and all its connected glory can be a great way to learn, connect, play and relax.

But it’s also easy to tell myself I’m “just going to check one quick thing” on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and end up down a rabbit-hole of wasted time. And my kids and husband are no different. They can “just want five minutes, Mom,” to log on and play Roblox, Fortnite, Zelda and so on, and, before we all know it, multiple hours have passed us by.