Mukbang & ASMR

Videos of people eating massive amounts of food in front of a camera, known as

mukbang, have been gaining popularity on Youtube in the past few years. The trend first

started in South Korea. The word “mukbang” is a combination of the Korean words meaning “to

eat” and “to broadcast”.

Youtube creators such as Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado have been known for their mukbang videos. These creators film themselves eating large amounts of foods such as fried chicken, cheesy foods, and other greasy appetizing foods that appeal to the audience. Many viewers watch such videos to satisfy their cravings for such junk foods, while other viewers watch mukbangs as a way to feel less lonely.

Another eating trend on Youtube these days is food ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Many people feel that the eating sounds that are amplified by a close microphone cause a soothing or tingling sensation. Foods such as mochi, aloe vera, and honeycomb appeal to many ASMR views because of the crunching, crackling sounds they make when eaten. While mukbang creators tend to talk in their videos, ASMR creators don’t talk in order

to focus only on the audio of the eating.

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