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  • Jenna: Mom of 2

Kids & Fortnite: The Hidden Dangers Parents Should Watch Out For

After my recent blog post about Roblox, I decided to dive deep into other popular video games to see how safe they were for my kids. Fortnite was the next game that kept popping up in my web searches. Fortnite has more than 56 million active monthly users. I’d call that popular!

Fortnite, although adored by my husband (who is lately gaming like we’re 19 again- I blame the pandemic), has never been much of a hit with my girls. When I asked my middle daughter, who is nine, why she wasn’t into Fortnite but enjoyed Roblox quite a bit, she simply told me “well, in Roblox there are so many different games you can play that it’s always something new. But in Fortnite, all you do is battle. And once you die, you’re out of the game.”

After a bit of clicking around and chatting with my husband, it seems that my nine-year-old captured the essence of the game. Fortnite is a bit more like Solitaire than Roblox. And either you enjoy playing each round, the game never quite the same even if it’s literally the same game, over and over again, or you don’t. My husband enjoys the repetitive challenge. My nine-year-old wants variety. To each their own