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Kids & Coding: Top Games and Apps to Help Your Kids Get Started with Coding

My oldest is 11, and when I think about life when I was 11, well, it’s sometimes hard to believe how much the world has changed. She loves her iPad and begs daily for a phone. She learns dances on TikTok and can listen to any song she wants, whenever she wants, thanks to our Apple Music subscription. Anything on television can be accessed whenever, no need to be home to watch something live. I still can’t believe how far the world has come! (I still feel ancient when I tell my kids to “hang up the phone!” and they don’t understand what that means on a literal level…)

Because technology is so present in our lives and its presence seems to increase by the minute, my husband and I are trying to focus some of our girls’ energy on coding and programming. Degrees in technology were still somewhat novel when my husband and I were in college, and neither of us pursued that line of learning. My brother, however, took easily to computer programming. He was an early employee at AirBnB, and was paid largely in stocks to help program the website back before renting peoples’ couches was a thing. Well, I’ll let you imagine how well this story ends! We use him as a positive example for our girls. “Your uncle learned about computers and programming when he was your age and look how well it turned out for him!”

Thanks to apps and iPhones, getting kids interested in technology is easier than ever. There are coding places that have popped up all over Dallas/Fort Worth, where we live. My girls have taken summer camps and Girl Scout workshops at Code Ninja and iCode. We’ve bought them coding kits that incorporate wands