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  • Cynthia Ruan

Instagram Reels

Millions of people use Tik Tok, and many users went into a massive panic after hearing rumors about the potential banning of Tik Tok. To relieve the possible fear of the end of Tik Tok, Instagram created their version of Tik Tok, Instagram Reels.

Just like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels offers users to create and watch short 15-second videos. Instagram users can access Instagram Reels through their Instagram explore page. Users also can use copyrighted music and various video effects for their Instagram Reels similar to the features of Tik Tok. Despite the major similarities between the two apps, Tik Tok fans are not shifting to Instagram Reels just yet. One of the major reasons why users love Tik Tok is their “For You” page, algorithmically tailored videos for each user. This feature is what Instagram Reels lacks, making Tik Tok fans remain loyal to the Tik Tok app.