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Your Child's World Starts Here.

  • Cynthia Ruan


    Discord has become a popular communication platform among teens. The app was first designed to help gamers communicate while playing a game of their devices, but over time teens have been using it for all kinds of socialization. 

            Discord is a chat app similar to communication platforms such as Slack. Features of the app include video calls, voice calls, and texts. Gamers can also stream their gameplay to their friends or members in the server through Discord. Discord servers also allow various roles for members such as administrators or moderators. Each server can also have various channels to talk about a specific topic. The app allows both public and private servers to control who is allowed to join. Many public servers have been created for a variety of topics including gaming, applying for colleges, and other topics.

            While Discord may be a great platform for people to use, the app may not be super safe for children to use. The ability to access public servers means that your child may join into one of these servers. The people within these servers are mostly strangers, so it may be concerning for your kids to speak with strangers. In addition, the platform does not censor profanity and abusive language, which is very common while gaming.