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Your Child's World Starts Here.

  • Cynthia Ruan


Originating from Japan, the anime trend has taken over the United States. Anime refers to Japanese cartoons or animation. The trend first started in the late 1900s through popular anime shows such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and the most famous anime, Pokémon. Pokémon not only became a popular anime series, but it also became a card game and video game. The trend of anime among teens has been rising ever since. On Tik Tok, the hashtag #anime has gotten over 35.4 billion views. Annual anime conventions such as Momo Con are hosted all across America. While parents may be familiar with the anime genre, the anime series that teens watch have changed dramatically. Here are a few popular anime series among teens:

Naruto has been a popular anime series among teens. The anime is about a young ninja who seeks to become the leader of his village, called the Hokage. Through this anime series, the Naruto Run then became a popular trend online. The trend of imitating Naruto’s signature run with both his hands facing backward and bending his back down to run faster. 

            Another anime series gaining in popularity during the recent months is Avatar: The Last Airbender. This anime series is actually an American animated series. It first aired on Nickelodeon in 2005. The series is about a young kid, Aang the Avatar, along with his fellow friends to end the Fire Nation’s war against the other nations. The show was loved by kids and critics. In May of 2020, the anime series arrived on Netflix, which made the series rise in popularity once again. Netflix is now developing a live-action series for Avatar: The Last Air Bender, which has caused fans to create quite an excitement for it on social media. Tik Tok users have filmed imitations of the beginning introductions of the different nations: water, fire, earth, and air.