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Amazon Voice Assistants: Likes and Dislike

Last week a friend posted a photo on Facebook of two 12-pack boxes of shelf-stable single serve chocolate milk bottles from Nesquik. "Y'all," the post read. "My 4 year old ordered these yesterday by saying 'Alexa, please order me chocolate milk.'" She confirmed what I'd already worried about- with Alexa in my home, my kids can pick up some bad habits.

Alexa is a fairly new addition to our house. She was a gift at Christmas from my parents, and my husband and I resisted setting her up for several weeks. At our seven year old’s insistence, we finally relented. “Mom, she’s so cool,” my daughter would constantly tell us. “She can play music and tell you facts and let you know what today’s weather is!”

Amazon Voice Assistants: What We Love about Alexa