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The first online bullying and 

predator protection software for your child's XBOX.

  • Monitors all communication on XBOX

  • Uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify potential threats quickly 

  • No more worrying when your child speaks online 

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What Our Customers Say

Eric, father of two

Ellenmarie, mother of two

"It's always difficult bringing up topics like cyberbullying at home. My son knows Kidas is installed and we use it as a conversation starter about bullying, what that is, and how he can be safer online."

"I trust my son to make the right choices, but with the world we live in anything can happen. Having Kidas was like having a digital partner to keep my soon safe"

Secure your FREE early access now! 

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​​Frequently Asked Questions


Does Kidas support voice communication?

Yes. Kidas supports both voice and text conversations on Xbox.

Will my child's gaming experience be affected?

No. Kidas runs in the background and does not interfere in your child's communication. In case a threat is detected, you will be notified. 

Is Kidas secure?

Definitely. Your child's information is encrypted and protected under the highest standards of security. By using Kidas, you can be sure that all of the data stays in the US; all of our servers are physically located in the US

Will you protect my child's privacy? 

We will not share any private information with anyone - not parents and no other third parties. In case there is a threat, you, the parent, will get an alert with only the relevant information and not the entire conversation. 

Kidas is also compliant with all the strictest privacy regulations in the US: the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA") and the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA")

What notifications will I get as a parent?

Kidas will send you an email if our advanced technology finds threats such as online predators talking with your child or cyberbullying cases. Every week you will also receive a personalized weekly update informing you about recent kids' online trends relevant to your child.  


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