More than 5 out of 10 gamers experience bullying

or predation while playing video games.

Protect Your Child Today 

The first online bullying and predator 
protection software for your child’s Xbox.

Supports All Communication on Xbox

Protects your child on voice and text conversations

Personalized Automatic Alerts

Get emails when Kidas’ advanced technology detects predator or cyberbullying threats

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Be sure your child is safe during online gameplay 

“It’s always difficult bringing up topics like cyberbullying at home. My son knows Kidas is installed and we use it as a conversation starter about bullying, what that is, and how he can be safer online.”

Eric, Father of Two

Highest Security Standards


All data is encrypted and analyzed on US based servers  

Respecting Your 
Child’s Privacy

Kidas sends you just the relevant information 
rather than the entire 


Kidas complies with the strictest US privacy regulations (COPPA and CCPA) and does not share data with third parties

“I trust my son to make the right choices, but with the world we live in anything can happen. Having Kidas was like having a digital partner to keep my son safe.”

Ellenmarie, Mother of Two

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