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Growing up, our founder, Ron Kerbs,  loved playing video games. In the last few years, he noticed that games require more online communication with other players. While most players enjoy the additional social aspect, young players do not know how to deal with the risks that they encounter online such as bullying and online predators.


Ron decided to solve this problem using the skills he acquired in his previous role in which he was creating threat detection solutions for national security agencies. That brought Kidas to life - a parents and kids friendly solution that protects kids using the most advanced technology that up until recently was only available to national security agencies.


Our mission: let kids enjoy online gaming while making sure that they are safe.


Ron Kerbs

Founder & CEO

Ron has a decade of experience in leading technology teams and investing in early-stage startups. After volunteering in various children focused NGOs, he decided to address the problem of gaming toxicity

Amit Yungman

Senior AI Developer

Amit is an experienced algorithm developer and data scientist who is excited to apply his knowledge to improve the world for our children.

Amit Evron

Backend Developer

With a passion for coding and a strong connection to children, Amit wants to make a real impact on kids and the online protection world.

Nickolay Gubkin

Senior Software Architect

As a former Counselor at HP, he has always been interested in Big Data, being mindful of the fact the technologies provide not only boon but also trigger bane. And what does the future of creative technology hold?

Jenna Greenspoon

Social Media Manager

As a former educator and administrator, Jenna has always had a passion for educating both children and parents. Once she left the classroom, she began educating parents through a larger platform online and continues to do so.

Jenna Huang


As a former Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co., Jenna is excited to introduce Kidas to the parents and be a part of the protection play for the future generation.

Cynthia Ruan

Blog Writer

Student Intern attending George Walton Comprehensive High School in Atlanta, GA.


Jennifer Meller, MD


Owner & Director of Park Avenue Medicine

​CEO of Navimize

Yvette Pomerantz


Founder & President of

Profiles In Perspective


Digital Marketing and Communications

Tracy Waasdorp, PhD 


A bullying researcher and expert

Professor Tyler Wry


Professor of Entrepreneurship at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Bob Cunningham, EdM 


CEO of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Zack Bergreen


An Investor and entrepreneur.  Founder and former CEO of Astea International


Kidas analyzes all communications on your children's gaming console and alerts parents, about potentially dangerous activities in video games 

Kidas Inc. Philadelphia, PA 19102

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