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Our Mission

Technology has changed our children's world. Kids frequently encounter bullying and and other  dangerous behaviors online, with no parents or teachers at their side to help them. Kids often lack the knowledge and skills to identify these risks and ask for help. We are working to solve this problem by offering parents Kidas, an online tool which meet the evolving needs of parents, guardians, and communities to protect kids online.

Meet Our Team

Ron Kerbs 

Founder & CEO

While traveling with friends, Ron noticed that they were routinely checking their children's’ phones because they were concerned about their kids’ online activity.


This daily act took time away from his friends enjoying their vacation and intruded on their children's’ privacy. Ron looked for an existing solution that would protect kids online but would not violate their privacy. He did not find one, so Ron created Kidas.


Ron brought together a team that uses national cybersecurity standards to create Kidas. His mission: let kids live their own lives, while making sure that they are safe online.

Yuan Huang

Marketing Lead

As a former educator and Assistant Director of Policy to Mayor James F. Kenney she has always been interested in helping kids succeed in and out of school.

Kate Kearns

Partnerships Lead

As a former consultant at EY-Parthenon and Bloomberg Philanthropiesy, she has always been interested in the integration of big data and society.

Amit Evron

Backend Developer

With a passion for coding and a strong connection to children, Amit wants to make a real impact on kids and the online protection world.

Nickolay Gubkin

Senior Software Architect

As a former Counselor at HP, he has always been interested in Big Data, being mindful of the fact the technologies provide not only boon but also trigger bane. And what does the future of creative technology hold?

Cynthia Ruan

Blog Writer

Student Intern attending George Walton Comprehensive High School in Atlanta, GA.

Omar Swiden

UX Designer

Student Intern attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

Amit Yungman

Senior AI Developer

Amit is an experienced algorithm developer and data scientist who is excited to apply his knowledge to improve the world for our children.

Our Advisors

Jennifer Meller, MD


Owner & Director of Park Avenue Medicine

​CEO of Navimize

Yvette Pomerantz


Founder & President of

Profiles In Perspective


Digital Marketing and Communications

Tracy Waasdorp, PhD 


A bullying researcher and expert

Prof. Tyler Wry


Professor of Entrepreneurship at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Bob Cunningham, EdM 


CEO of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Zack Bergreen


An Investor and entrepreneur.  Founder and former CEO of Astea International

Kidas scans all communication on your children's devices and alerts you, the parents, about potentially dangerous activities in their digital life.

Kidas Inc. Philadelphia, PA 19102

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