While traveling with friends, Ron noticed that they were routinely checking their children's’ phones because they were concerned about their kids’ online activity. This daily act took time away from his friends enjoying their vacation and intruded on their children's’ privacy. Ron looked for an existing solution that would protect kids online but would not violate their privacy. He did not find one, so Ron created Kidas. Ron brought together a team that uses national cybersecurity standards to create Kidas. His mission: let kids live their own lives, while making sure that they are safe online.

Ron Kerbs 

Founder & CEO
Marketing Lead

Yuan Huang

Partnerships Lead

Kate Kearns

Backend Developer

Amit Evron

Senior Software Architect

Nickolay Gubkin

Senior AI Developer

Amit Yungman


Jennifer Meller, MD


Prof. Tyler Wry


Yvette Pomerantz


Bob Cunningham, EdM 

Blog Writer

Cynthia Ruan

Kidas scans all communication on your children's devices and alerts you, the parents, about potentially dangerous activities in their digital life.

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